November 17, 2009


Greetings from the bughouse, fuckers! The funniest thing happened to me today. It was during free time and this inmate who gets caught regularly masturbating to romance novels with long-haired he-men on the cover leans over to me, fingers knuckle-deep in her hairy old twat, and whispers, "What's the big deal with oral sex? They're always having oral sex." I nearly fell off my chair. This from the mouth of a woman who can’t keep her fingers out of her cunt and whose crimes include, well, I can’t tell you about her crimes, but believe me when I tell you that she really is fucking bonkers. Anyway, when she interrupted me I was reading my old dog-eared copy of Violette and I guess I'm feeling rather romantic tonight...

I am wet in anticipation. You are on your knees in front of me, and you give me that little wink as you lower your face to my pussy. I feel the warmth of your breath and it gives me a warm feeling in my belly. Your five o'clock shadow scrapes my thighs. You run your tongue teasingly from my asshole to my clit and it tickles and I grab your head with my hands and push you down. Quit fucking around and eat me. And you oblige, placing your hands under my ass cheeks and raising me up to you like you're drinking out of a goddamned golden chalice. My hands are in your hair as you lick me, suck me, slide your tongue along my glistening lips, a sharp intake of breath as you slip two fingers into my slit and one up my asshole. Heat radiates from the centre of my body; at this moment I am nothing but cunt. I'm panting and moaning and thrusting my pelvis up towards you as you thrust your tongue your fingers into me as you fuck me with your mouth and you focus your tongue on my clit and oh oh oh oh god I'm coming and I'm riding that glorious wave of pleasurepain and I shudder and die a sweet sweet death.

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