January 29, 2010

Fuck winter.

Goddamn, it’s cold in here. From where I sit in the common room, I can hear the other patients bitching and moaning about how cold they are. Fuck the temperature; they are cold in their cunts and in their sad, lonely hearts. Plus, the bastards that run the place keep the thermostat so low it damn near freezes your tits off. Pneumonia runs more rampant here than herpes simplex virus 2, and trust me when I tell you that that is saying something. I’m so glad you could come tonight. I miss you when we aren’t together, you know. It’s no fun jacking off alone. So let’s focus on a warmer, happier time, shall we?

As I drift slowly upwards into consciousness, I become aware of the fact that I’m blindfolded and ball-gagged and bound to a hard-backed chair, my wrists behind my back and my legs apart. The wiry fibres of the cord cut into my skin, not unpleasantly, and trickles of sweat trace their way between my naked breasts. I’m drooling. It's hot as a motherfucker in here. Where the hell am I? And suddenly the beast beside me roars into life and I realize that I'm in the boiler room of the asylum, naked and sweating. And I wonder how it can be so hot down here when the rest of the place is as cold as our poor broken hearts. Dim orange light flickers through the shadows and I feel myself getting wet, feel my nipples stiffen, feel my body swell with blood in anticipation. The ropes tighten as I strain forward. The heat is unbearable.

And then there you are, my sadistic saviour in the shadows. You snag your fingers in my hair and pull my head back violently. I feel your teeth against my skin and my body convulses as you bite into the smooth pale flesh of my neck. I am delirious with pleasure. Now those teeth are on my nipples, nipping and biting and I feel your tongue, your lips sucking at me, and in this darkness and this heat my entire body is aflame. I arch my back and thrust up involuntarily, my cunt is aching to be touched, and then I feel your breath warm against my wetness and your teeth scrape my clit as you suck me while saliva trickles down my chin. I feel the rope burn through the skin of my wrists and ankles, feel the sting as blood mixes with sweat, and I come violently against my restraints in waves of savage pleasure.

I'm still moaning weakly, the taste of stale rubber on my tongue, as you remove the gag, wipe away the drool, untie my wrists and ankles and kiss me softly on the lips. I become dimly aware of the sound of your footsteps fading and I realize that I am alone here as the beast beside me ceases his roar and is silent.

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  1. lovely! and i was just wondering when i'd get to read some more from the asylum