March 2, 2010


Salutations from the asylum! Jesus Christ, but it’s been awhile. Fucking seasonal affective disorder makes me all moody and lethargic. Well, that, and the fact that I pissed the night nurse off and he took away my computer privileges. He wanted a blowjob but I wasn't in the mood, what with the SAD and all, but sometimes this nurse won't take no for an answer. So I sucked him off alright, I just forgot to swallow and he ended up getting a second-hand facial. Oops. He was not amused. Makes you wonder about the way this system is set up, doesn’t it? Whose brilliant idea it was to put a bunch of perverts in charge of a bunch of perverts. It’s a wonder any of us get out of here at all. It doesn’t happen often.

So, anyway, I've done my time in solitary. I tried keeping track of how many times I fucked myself while I was down there, but I lost count. Nothing like a little masturbation to pass the time. But I'm back, and the sunshine filtering through my barred window makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and I thought I'd try to pass along some of the warm-and-fuzzy to you, my faithful fucked-up readers...

Summer air, heavy as unspoken lust. In the distance, heat lightning strikes. Villainous cumulus clouds rush in, blocking out the sun. The air between us sizzles, hisses, spits. We are alone, you and I, on this path by the river as the first pregnant drops fall, spattering the ground like so much wasted semen. Crack of thunder like a barehanded slap on the ass as the sudden rushing rain soaks us to the skin. My shirt clings to my stiffening nipples, my skirt clings to my bare thighs, I feel wetness between my legs that has nothing to do with the rain. I pull you to me in the darkness of the storm and kiss you, voraciously, wildly, I can't get enough of your lips, your tongue. Rain lashes the trees around us, whips the river into a frenzy. Your hands are on my breasts, pinching my nipples through the thin wet fabric, and I press myself into you as you run your hands down the curve of my waist and up my wet thighs and find that other wetness, slip a finger, two fingers, in. Fuck me, I plead, as thunder crashes. Fuck me fuck me fuck me and you push me backwards into a tree, I feel the wet bark rough against my back, your mouth on mine, your fingers in my cunt, I fumble with your belt and free your cock, pull it to me, pull it into me, purple and throbbing, and you fuck me up against the tree, rain pelting our faces, you fuck me fuck me fuck me as lightning rapes the sky and I cry out and you come in final violent thrusts and we are left panting and ragged and the storm rages on.

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